GRACE - 3rd Pilot Update


In the week of 16th October, GRACE partners gathered in Madrid to for the final pilot event. Kindly hosted by ISDEFE and the Spanish National Police, the final pilot was the last opportunity to test and evaluate the tools and technologies developed within GRACE before the final event at the end of November. 

With all technology and LEA partners present, the third pilot represented a huge opportunity to demonstrate just how much GRACE has achieved in the past three years. With 21 representatives present including those from 6 different LEAs and Europol, the final pilot set out the most ambitious programme of testing so far across eight different scenarios. 

  • Acquiring NCMEC reports and initial processing 
  • Checking and storing NCMEC reports and data
  • Processing text, audio and media and providing enrichment via AI and ML algorithms
  • Distributing reports to national LEAs 
  • Strategic analysis and trends based on processed data 
  • Managing, accessing and viewing reports
  • Launch specific processing and analysis actions
  • Customize prioritisation of reports

With pilot 2 having focused on evaluating the individual tools, testing in pilot 3 turned towards the testing of the collaborative platform ensuring the various tools work together to provide real added value to investigators operating in this space. All scenarios were successfully tested meaning the final stages of the project can focus on refinements and increasing the scalability of GRACE. Ain-depth evaluation of the results is on-going. 

This pilot has been a huge effort from ISDEFE, LEA partners and the technology providers. Such a successful result is a testament to the strong collaboration between all partners and a clear focus on providing solutions that combat child sexual exploitation. 

Grace Consortium at the Final Pilot