GRACE's first co-creation workshop

Blog - 29 Jun 2021

Back in April the first GRACE co-creation workshop took place. At that stage we were very busy finalising the 1st cycle of the DESIGN of the, so called, GRACE platform.

Why can the GRACE platform change the way we fight Child Sexual Exploitation online?  Because the GRACE consortium’s work meets the LEAs needs and is aiming to provide a Global Response to Child Sexual Exploitation online.

In recent years it has been registered that a global increase in internet usage has led to the conclusion that such increasing usage has been done with criminal intent. Based on this simple statement and on the operational observations, reported in the recent IOCTA, CSE online crimes have also increased at the same pace as the technological growth. The general approach that we have decided to follow is innovative in the LEAs environment and it will bring the LEAs capabilities to the right pace and protect the children in the digital era.

Within GRACE, EUROPOL is playing a central role to support the Member States Law Enforcement Agencies work and establish a novel police cooperation environment that will make use of the most advanced technologies developed by our technical and scientific partners.

The ANALYSIS-focused work package also held a couple of sessions at the project’s co-creation workshop to show the current progress of the modules to the GRACE LEAs. After the modules on CSEM classification and trend detection were presented, feedback forms were sent out to help the LEAs provide their feedback on what they had seen. After successful responses, the analysis modules are now able to resume development in the knowledge that the work is going in the right direction and will meet the requirements of the LEAs.