European Commission's CERIS FCT Annual event

Event -

GRACE project partner Web-IQ took part in the Success Stories panel of the European Commission's CERIS FCT Annual event: AI, communication/exploitation strategies on 22 September 2021, to talk about best practices in the uptake and exploitation of the results of earlier EU projects they participated in. Among the other panellists were CENTRIC and Engineering.

Web-IQ highlighted the success factors of the AviaTor project, one of GRACE’s related projects and also addressing the issue of huge amounts of industry CSE referrals:

- a very concrete question from the police initiated the project
- the benefits of a small consortium and the very practical approach
- having the end user at the table from the start

The continuation of Web-IQ’s work in GRACE was also briefly addressed. AviaTor can benefit from GRACE’s substantial research component, whereas GRACE can profit from AviaTor’s practical experience.

The event was organised by the European Commission.