Safer Internet Day 2022 – "Together for a better internet" Conference, Cyprus.

Blog - 03 Feb 2022

Yianna Danidou, EUC

The European University Cyprus (EUC) is a participating partner of the GRACE project, and additionally, we are also partners of the Cyprus Pedagogical Institute in both CYberSafety and the National Strategy for a Better Internet for children in Cyprus. We promote education in all education tiers, and along with the Pedagogical Institute, we have collaborated in developing learning modules for educating teachers at national level. In this context, one particular learning module is based on the theme "Safer use of the Internet", which is also a key driving force of the GRACE project.

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth in Cyprus is particularly aware of the issues concerning the effective, creative, and safe use of the Internet, and considers the high importance of these actions in relation to International Safer Internet Day (SID). Taking into account both the challenges and the opportunities caused by the coronavirus pandemic, such as the increased prevalence of distance/online learning and the further utilization of the Internet, these issues are considered even more relevant and important this year.

This International Safer Internet Day takes place on February 8th, 2022, and the Cyprus Pedagogical Institute, as every year, is organizing a conference. Under the theme "Together for a better internet", the event will be held in collaboration with Cyta (telecommunications provider in Cyprus) with support from the partners of the European project "Safe Internet Center - CYberSafety", as well as the National Strategy for a Better Internet for children in Cyprus. The conference aims to encourage and mobilize children, young people, parents, teachers, Internet professionals and, more generally, the Cypriot society as a whole, for a responsible, critical and respectful use of the Internet. More specifically, the conference intends to actively contribute to the effective and appropriate use by the digital society and to the shaping of the Internet into a better and safer place of communication, entertainment and learning.

The poster and the program of the Conference are available online, for more information you can visit the website: