GRACE Project at TECNOSEC 2022

Event - 31 May 2022

From the 11th – 12th May GRACE partner Vicomtech attended the TECNOSEC event in Madrid as an exhibitor. TECNOSEC is the 1st Exhibition & Congress of High Police, Security and Intelligence Technologies and attending the event enabled the presentation of the activities and progress of the GRACE project, and in particular, the activities developed by Vicomtech related to intelligent video analytics for security. Such technologies, including the developments carried out within GRACE, were also the subject of a speech provided by Vicomtech's Senior Security Expert, David Rios to an audience of 50 people.

The TECNOSEC event gathered a large audience of more than 1000 selected and motivated companies and end-users in the security field, specifically those interested in high security and intelligence technologies, creating an ecosystem of experts relevant to the GRACE project. In the same way, the exchange and face-to-face communication with more than 25 companies and LEAs allowed us to showcase the benefits of the proposed solutions of GRACE in a more efficient and targeted way.

Vicomtech was also able to present and demonstrate multiple technologies and functionalities to support the explanation of the different use cases addressed within GRACE and in other Horizon 2020 projects where Vicomtech is also a partner such as AIDA, BorderUAS or APPRAISE.

For further details about the event, watch the TECNOSEC event video -