GRACE attends ROXANNE final conference


On November 29th 2022, the H2020 ROXANNE project organised in Paris (France) a hybrid event attended by over 100 participants, including ROXANNE consortium partners, law enforcement agencies (LEAs), researchers, policymakers, representatives from industry, civil society organizations and the project’s external ethics board. On the occasion, the final results were presented by the relevant researchers, technical partners and representatives from LEAs.

Andrés Vasco, from GRACE partner University of Leon (ULE), attended the event and took part in a round table together with other delegates from related H2020 projects. They answered questions regarding the common challenges faced, future collaborations, future research directions, and the similarities they have with the ROXANNE project.

You can read further about the conference here:


ROXANNE (Real time network, text, and speaker analytics for combating organized crime) is an EU funded collaborative research and innovation project, aiming to unmask criminal networks and their members as well as to reveal the true identity of perpetrators by combining the capabilities of speech/language technologies and visual analysis with network analysis.

ROXANNE collaborates with LEAs, industry and researchers to develop new tools to speed up investigative processes and support LEA decision-making. The end-product will be an advanced technical platform which uses new tools to uncover and track organized criminal networks, underpinned by a strong legal framework.

The project consortium comprises 25 European organisations from 16 countries while 11 of them are LEAs from 10 different countries.