D10.7 Stakeholder and policy recommendations for addressing online CSEM V2


This deliverable builds on D10.6 and describes the stakeholder and policy recommendations. As this deliverable is still awaiting expert review from the European Commission this document is shared as a pre-final version of the deliverable which will be updated to the final version upon acceptance. 

Executive Summary

This document is presented by the GRACE project and it aims to identify, analyse, and report on policy recommendations for the use of technology by law enforcement authorities and stakeholders operating in the CSEM arena to combat CSEM. It also provides an overview of policy recommendations that are in close connection with technology. Therefore, it encompasses the whole range of policy recommendations on different interconnected topics.

We have personalised the approach to these topics through the story of two young victims, now survivors Anna and George, the main characters of Europol’s successful “#Say No!” campaign against sexual coercion and extortion. The real stories of CSA survivors are included in this deliverable. Based on their experience and the narrative of sexual abuse, we present statistical indicators on the use of the Internet and electronic devices among young people and in general. This is followed by an insight into the criminological and victimological aspects of the use of the Internet, social networks, applications and the ways in which perpetrators of sexual abuse operate. We also touch on the definitions and relevance of appropriate terminology in this area, advocating for the use of child sexual abuse material (CSAM) instead of “child pornography” offering greater dignity to victims as well as international legal standards on children’s rights and their protection.